Yoga Classes in Cambridge Colleges
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Why Do Yoga?

Many benefits of yoga practice are well known - it can help you become more flexible so that you increase your range of movement; it helps tone muscles and improves your posture; it encourages self-awareness and acceptance so you feel happier in yourself; it calms the mind; it can aid better sleep; it helps you concentrate and helps you study; it regulates your metabolism and improves digestion; it reduces stress and eases tension in the body. The list of benefits seems endless because yoga posture practice in its most popular and visible forms, is an unashamed practice of self-improvement: emotional, psychological, as well as physical.
Yoga is brilliant - it's good for the body, good for the mind and a wonderful way to enhance your life.

Martin Bond
January 2019

About Uniyoga

Uniyoga classes are led by Martin Bond who has been teaching yoga for over twenty years. He is not a full time teacher but by day is a professional photographer - so unsurprisingly he is not a yoga guru, lifestyle mentor or spiritual leader - there are precious few around. He teaches only what he has experienced personally and what he understands to be correct. It follows therefore that not everything he says may be true for you. Your own intuition is your best teacher, your own body the best guide. Being receptive to the changing sensations in your body and compassionate in your responses - is yoga.


Classes are held in Cambridge University colleges and are open to students and non-students alike – everyone is welcome.


Some classes are scheduled according to the University Term dates, others continue throughout the year – see timetable below.


With the exception of Monday classes at the University Sports Centre (see below), classes are £5. Cash or contactless.

Yoga Mats

It’s best to have your own yoga mat however there is always an ample supply of spare mats for students to borrow.

Uniyoga Class Timetable

Here are the venues, timings and directions to Uniyoga classes.





Yoga Alliance Professional

Martin is a Level 2 Associate member of Yoga Alliance Professionals. Yoga Alliance is the world’s most popularly recognised yoga organisation, internationally known for its membership credibility guide. Membership requires a high standard of teaching and continuous professional development.

Uniyoga Notes

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