Things You Should Know

  1. Uniyoga classes are led by Martin Bond who by day works as a photographer and designer and so unsurprisingly he is not a yoga guru, lifestyle mentor or spiritual leader – there are precious few around. He teaches only what he has experienced personally and what he understands to be correct. It follows therefore that not everything he says may be true for you. He believes that your own intuition is your best teacher, your own body the best guide. Be sensitive and compassionate to the changing sensations in your body – that is yoga.
  2. Sadly, neither is Martin a doctor (his Mother would have liked that). So whilst he asks that you inform him of any injury or condition that might make some postures inappropriate, he recommends that if you are in any doubt you should seek medical advice before joining a class.
  3. He talks throughout the duration of the class describing not just where to put the external parts of your body but also how the inside of your body can move and feel in order to create the shapes that emerge on the outside. He hopes that this repetitive dialogue is useful in that it invites continuous personal enquiry but it can sometimes be disconcerting for newcomers.
  4. He sometimes plays music – not Tibetan singing bowls, whale music or pan pipes but modern classical and film music mixed into hypnotic sequences aimed to help deepen awareness and settle the mind. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
  5. He will never be pulled or pushed to try and deepen a pose. Martin believes that verbal instruction gives students more of a chance to feel a dynamic and let it happen in their body. However, hands-on adjustments are sometimes more direct and effective by bringing awareness to a part of the body to suggest a particular movement. Not everyone is comfortable to be assisted in this way and if you would prefer not to be touched please inform him before the class begins.
  6. Please be punctual. Arriving late or leaving before the end of class is always distracting for others. If you’ve been delayed please enter the room quietly and wait to be shown to a place. If you need to leave early please let us know at the start of the class.
  7. Always wear comfortable clothes so you can move with ease.
  8. Refrain from eating a meal for at least two hours before class and from eating any snacks for an hour or so before class (ideally you will practice on an empty stomach), refrain from drinking a lot of water within a half-hour before class, try to relieve your bladder and bowels before class.
  9. Always turn off your mobile phone.
  10. If you have borrowed a yoga mat, please roll it up neatly after use.